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How to conduct successful virtual interviews

Conducting successful virtual interviews and tech screens using With

When we invite people into our offices in hopes of having them join our team, we want to make a great impression. We design our offices to be inviting so the candidate will want to work there. We make sure their journey through the day is well managed and timely. We welcome them enthusiastically, making sure they are cared for with hopes that they leave with a smile on their face excited to join the team.

But when we hire remote, the candidate experience is defined by the tools we use. Instead of candidates seeing your company’s unique identity, all they see is Zoom’s identity. Instead of a well managed day, candidates bounce around from Zoom call to Zoom call. And at the end of the day, they are more likely fatigued and exhausted than excited to join the team.

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But With spaces allow you to define a unique experience that reflects your company’s unique character and culture. In just a few simple steps you can define a special space for each candidate that rivals in person interviews.

A With room setup for a successful virtual interview A With room setup for a successful virtual interview

Make a room for each candidate

Let’s take a look at three main phases of an interview and how you can use your With room. You’ve scheduled your candidate for the day now let’s make sure they have a great experience. There is no need to worry about booking a conference room for your interviews. You can make as many With rooms as you want. Let’s make a With room for our candidate. Select Create room from the With dashboard.

A button for creating a new With room. Select Create room from the dashboard to make a new room.

Name your room and then share the link with the candidate and your team.

An onboarding screen showing a box with a link inside, and an illustration of a mail with a letter inside. Share the link with your candidate and your team.

Setup your virtual interview room

Next add a special wallpaper. With includes more than 100 wallpapers to choose from plus you can make your own with your company’s logo, brand identity, and anything else you think reflects your company’s unique spirit. (Wallpapers are 2400 × 2400. You can host them on PostImages then copy and paste the direct link into the wallpaper URL field).

  • Add the candidate’s resume so it’s available for each interviewer. Just drag and drop the PDF right into the room.
  • Add a schedule for the day. You can use a sticky note (along with some Markdown formatting if you want).
  • Add a timer in the room to make sure your interview day runs to schedule. This Pomodoro timer is great. Just paste the URL using the ⚡️ action.

A With room showing the candidates resume, schedule, and a timer. Add the candidates resume, a schedule for the day, and a timer to keep everyone on schedule.

Highlight your company’s uniqueness

You also want the candidate to learn about your company. You can add:

  • a link to your website
  • a document outlining your mission, values, and benefits and
  • a video highlighting your workplace culture.

A With room highlighting a document with the company's mission, values, and benefits, and a promotional video. Add information about your company’s mission, values, and benefits along with a promotional video.

Conducting a virtual tech screen

Lastly you will want a way for the candidate to show their technical chops. You can use a simple collaborative editor like Collabpad. Again, just copy and paste the URL into the ⚡️ menu. With Collabpad you and the candidate can type into the same document. You can also use With’s collaborative screen sharing feature where the interviewer and interviewee can simultaneously share screens or make quick doodles using the Whiteboard accessory.

A With room highlighting two people having an interview with a collaborative editor showing a programming problem and a screen share showing some Javascript documentation. Add a collaborative editor like or use screen sharing to collaborate on your tech screen.

Persistent virtual interview rooms

Now that you’ve got a room to be proud of, managing the day is easy. Share the room link with the candidate and interviewers in your favorite calendar app so it’s easy for everyone to know where they are going and when. Conduct a pre-brief in the room with all the interviewers to go over each interviewer’s role, review the candidate’s resume, and confirm the schedule. During the interview schedule the candidate stays put in their personal interview room as each interviewer enters at their appointed time. Lastly, With rooms persist so all the work interviewers do with the candidate remains. Once the day is complete, you can conduct a team de-brief in the same room along with the content and other notes generated by each interview.

Get started using With!

Using With for your interviews is more fun, welcoming, and lets you highlight your company’s unique value to each candidate.

A With room setup for a successful virtual interview Conduct virtual interviews using With

Make sure you are a conducting great interviews. See our conversation with Rich Paret on interviewing best practices.

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